Magik & Rose

A film by Vanessa Alexander.

The producer — Larry Parr

Do you have any idea what family is? Family is the people who are with you. – Stuart, scene 84

Every film you make is different, says Larry. Each one has different problems and personalities. It's like a family.

Magik and Rose was the most enjoyable producing experience I've had, says Larry. He describes the film as a blending of a buddy-style movie with an unusual love story. It has strong, emotional subject matter intersecting with very human, very real comedic moments.

Larry Parr, the producer

From the outset, Larry Parr had a strong personal interest in the content of the script. I'd been through the drama of infertility and adoption in my own marriage says Larry.

Magik and Rose was the most enjoyable producing experience I've had, says Larry. The producer/director relationship that I had with Vanessa was unlike any other. It's fantastic to be working with someone who is really smart, and who is capable of processing suggestions you make.

Larry was impressed with Vanessa from the start. She is unpretentious and precise. In addition to that, she had an excellent rapport with the cast and crew - the result of which is apparent in the standout performances. There are no weak links.

Of this young film makers future, Larry is adamant. I am on record (more than once) as having said Vanessa Alexander is the most talented person I've worked with. The second most talented is Don Brash - Governor of the Reserve Bank.

Larry Parr has produced some of New Zealand's most successful films, including Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace, Came a Hot Friday, and Starlight Hotel. He has also produced numerous documentaries and dramas for television, and directed the feature film - A Soldier's Tale. Larry is currently the consultant executive producer at the New Zealand Film Commission, and is developing numerous projects for his own company, Kahukura Productions.


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