Magik & Rose

A film by Vanessa Alexander.

The movie

Magik and Rose is an off-beat tale of friendship and fertility that touches five lives in very different ways. Full of humour and drama, this slice of life story has city fortune teller Magik decending on rural Hokitika in her housetruck in the hope of finding the daughter she gave up for adoption 15 years ago.

Scene from the movie

Magik and Rose lifts the covers off the sleepy town of Hokitika a month before its Wildfoods Festival - with sex in the workplace, 23 ripe sperm donors and a long-lost daughter.

It is the story of two women - A dodgy city fortune-teller and small town wife who find out they both want what the impossible - a child.

Magik descends upon the local camping ground in all her eccentric glory, parking her Housetruck next to Jackson, a snail-farming mathematician who spends far too much time in his underwear. Making cash from the gullible locals is the excuse for Magik's visit, but not the reason. Unsuccessfully incognito, Magik tries to photograph the daughter she gave up for adoption 15 years ago. Naturally, a snapshot isn't enough for Magik, who when face to face suggests she come and get her fortune told.

Rose processes photos of other people's children and sells condoms at the local chemist, in between daily attempts to impregnate herself - with the waning assistance of her husband Stuart.

Friendship between Magik and Rose grows when Rose, at the end of reason, seeks hope from the spiritual realm. Carelessly Magik tells Rose exactly what she wants to hear - children are definitely in Rose's future. She's wrong.

From this point, Magik and Rose are locked in a poignant and funny odyssey that could end a good marriage, redefine the perfect man and discover what it really means to be mother and daughter.

As the Wildfoods festivities sweep through the town, amid the mountain oysters, the gooseberry wine and Gary McCormick, Magik and Rose find compromise and a future neither were expecting.


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